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Calling all journo’s ….

Calling all journo’s ….

From 27 July, the E.U. Delegation to South Africa’s series on Climate Change kicks off.  First up, is a knowledge exchange for journalists, writers and those in communications portfolios who have a substantive interest in Climate Change and their role in making sense of the science and policy for citizens.  I’m stealing from Naked Data Issue #302 || The Last Jedi Edition || 2021-07-26, who gave the programme this punt on Friday:

There’s a brilliant four half-day conference brewing over the next couple of weeks for South African journalists who use the mighty pen to push for climate change action. The lineup of speakers is stellar, including the likes of Kevin Bloom, Sara Schurmann and Sipho Kings, and there’s even a data journalism slot on 5 August at 15:00 on open data tools. Registration is free — the EU is picking up the bill. You even get a certificate for coming, so there’s no reason to not register and attend as much of it as you can.
See the full schedule here and join by following the instructions here

Selecting the media and communications practitioners as partners for the first of 5 Virtual Study Tours offered and hosted by the E.U. Delegation to South Africa and the German Government, is thanks to their recognition that progress of climate change action is not reliant only on governments, scientists, international agreements and industries – it is also reliant on those who write about them, translating complex and scary concepts into common language and practical solutions for citizens to grasp and adopt.   The E.U. climate diplomats and government representatives know well that the relationships they forge with journalists and communications teams are the critical bridge between their policy (and climate change policy in general) and its implementation or adoption across society.

Following programmes in the series are: 
Climate Change – Urban Adaptation & Resilience
Urban Adaptation – Climate Smart Responses by Green SMEs
The Road to Zero – Delivering on long-term low emissions strategies and targets
De-carbonising S.A.’s Coal Regions – Just Transition issues in Mpumalanga & Limpopo