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Travel to Southern Africa

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

The Spirit of Africa has a responsible tourism charter that reflects its commitment to the environment and our community. We choose to prioritise interactions with projects (social and environmental) that operate on a sustainable basis, ensuring that the benefit of the tourism dollar goes directly back into the communities in which the organisations serve.  Our two directors are co-authors of SATSA’s pioneering Guide & mobile phone Tool for Evaluating Captive Wildlife Attractions & Activities.  


We endorse

WildChoices is a non-profit company which aims to improve the state of the global captive wildlife tourism industry by assisting local and international tour operators, agents, and individual travellers to make informed choices about captive wildlife tourism facilities in South Africa.

Spirit of Africa is proud to be the first DMC to publicly endorse WildChoices in support of ethical captive wildlife tourism. We only support facilities who are in Support and Support With Caution based on their assessment outcomes.