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Travel to Southern Africa

Student Travel


Travel during teenage and early 20’s years provides experiential knowledge that shapes the minds of future leaders. An understanding of foreign cultures, political systems and socio-economic scenarios different to ones own, is a life-gift not obtainable in a classroom. This is the age to inspire direction and harness potential – which we find an international, inter-cultural and mind-blowing adventure does like nothing else.

Our student programmes are developed in conjunction with educators to ensure that the itinerary provides stimulation and achieves results in the required outcomes. Whilst each programme has an educational and participatory core to the programme, they all offer students the opportunity to see and experience the sites and wonders of Southern Africa whilst they are here.

High Schools

General programmes for the 13-18 year old age bracket are insightful general-knowledge itineraries that allow pupils to explore the environments and cultures of those very different than their own in the context of a country that is English Speaking and whose advanced infrastructure ensures their journey is safe and comfortable.  We design these trips to leverage a common interest and bring together young students from different cultures to create a mutual growing experience.  They are stimulating, active, challenging and insightful and are developed with purpose in mind.

Particularly popular are those involving home-stays, school time locally, music and choir programs that involve combined coaching sessions, public performances, surprising flash-mobs and the opportunity to teach one’s own music to each other.

College & University

International Education is a competitive field – there are schools to choose from, study abroad destinations to offer and partners to select (from a dizzying array – that are mostly selling the same services).  We get that.

What we offer is:

  • Our track record (*see below)
  • Specialist knowledge from 24 years of focus in this field
  • Applied research and design
  • Our cultivated network & relationships in key sectors
  • Being nimble
  • Living in our destinations (we’re on the pulse and have local knowledge)
  • Being academically conversant from our team’s collection of degrees
  • The ability to develop curriculum, design within syllabi, and meet credit requirements

Which converge into a bouquet of international learning models available to you:

  • Global Immersion Programs
  • Community-Engaged Learning
  • Service Learning, and
  • Peer education

Whether via the vehicles of

  • Custom and faculty-led trips (our foundational, 2-decades long strength)
  • Student-led trips
  • Field Courses, or
  • Internships

Our programming team contains 2 MBA degrees, 3 masters degrees, 1 honors degree and 1 bachelor’s degree…which means our content is rigorous, topic-driven and relationship-focused.

Pre-departure services:

  • Design the interrelated elements of routing and content to best achieve outcome goals
  • Consult on destination advise and local affairs
  • Secure site visits, speakers, engagements, community-engaged learning sessions, lectures, service-learning projects, agendas, venues/locations, cultural immersion*
  • Seamlessly dovetail and secure all logistical services required for smooth execution of the program
  • Digital/online interactive itinerary with your brand
  • Photographic / video material for promotion of the trip
  • Google Hangouts/zoom/skype pre-departure gathering with students/alumni for FAQs and Q&A
  • Pre-departure information document
  • Extend-your-experience offering (internships, local travel)
  • Transparent presentation of pricing

In-country services:

  • All required logistical services (accommodation, transport, meals, activities, program leaders & staff, 24/7 emergency response**)
  • Coordination of all program elements (*above)
  • In-country orientation session hosted by local office
  • 24/7 emergency support and critical incident response


*Track record:

  • Over 400 custom trips across the spectrum of learning models identified
  • 28 universities, colleges, schools
  • GEI’s accredited short-term field courses in South Africa in highly relevant subjects such as social innovation, global health, leadership development.
  • Fully customized internships and research placements
  • Cross section of disciplines: Arts; Agriculture/Forestry; Business ([Social] Innovation, business/[social]entrepreneurship, global operations/supply chain management, cross-cultural teams); Conservation/Ecology; Education; Energy/Sustainability; Engineering; Health; International Relations/Diplomacy; Journalism/Media; Law; Science; Social Science; SDGs; the African take on Tech; Veterinary science.


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“I can’t say enough to commend Spirit of Africa’s diligence, professionalism, flexibility, and persistence in structuring a Programme both tailored to our needs and restricted budget. No request was too small. …it was a Programme with vibrancy and depth, which managed simultaneously to be both instructive and fun. Lehman students benefited extraordinarily from the content – and are still enthusiastically sharing their experiences.”

Kenneth Schlesinger, Chief Librarian, Lehman College LIFE group