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Travel to Southern Africa

Helping Holidays


What comes next might surprise you.

Southern Africa has a host of reputable, highly skilled, innovative, effective and passionate individuals and organisations achieving targeted outcomes in their communities and countries. We do not need foreign, short-term visitors to add a pair of temporary hands to this work.  That removes opportunities for locals to work and to gain experience and to rely on themselves, plus it is inconsistent and unreliable.  What we DO need, is to harness the intention behind those pairs of hands.  Genuine intentions to help can be fulfilled most by providing resources to these typically severely resource-constrained efforts.  Our Helping Holidays take you on an experience of the country via community connections and impact hot spots.  You will meet those building a better future for South Africa and beyond and part of your price tag will go to them.



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“The next many months – maybe years – will they “go tell it on the mountain and everywhere” how fantastic South Africa is, how much will & courage there is and how many good white, coloured & black people are doing a big voluntary contribution to the poor people, children, young and adults. Thank you for preparing a fantastic trip for us: excellent staff – they fit perfectly into our group: always having a ready answer and a lot of laughter.”

Anna Marie Bohsen, Denmark