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Travel to Southern Africa

“We did not know it was in other countries at the time of the ban”, Dr. Fauci (Dec. 4th)

“We did not know it was in other countries at the time of the ban”, Dr. Fauci (Dec. 4th)

As per Morgan Keith’s article in Business Insider US on Dec. 4th, Dr. Fauci says US travel ban on South Africa should be rolled back “as quickly as possible”.
Spirit of Africa agrees strongly with the assertion in the article that “the location of its initial detection does not necessarily indicate that the variant originated in South Africa. The country already had a robust surveillance system in place for tracking viral diseases and genetic mutations like HIV, Ebola, and tuberculosis, which put it in a strong position to monitor variants of Covid-19.”  We are extremely proud if the outstanding role our top-class scientists have played, as global citizens, in the international scientific and medical community, collaboratively working to understand this virus, the pandemic and bring an end to the havoc it is wreaking around the world.

The article repeats what is now well known, that “While Omicron’s origins remain unknown, cases have been found in several countries, including the UKUSNetherlands, and Belgium.'”
We, therefore, encourage our clients to consider their travel programmes to Southern Africa in the same light as anywhere else.  Not only are our total infections way below that of European destinations, our country offers wide open spaces with no congestion and packed travel hot spots.  Tourism protocols, as reported on this page previously, are robust and world-class.

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