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Stringent Hand-Luggage Enforcement

Stringent Hand-Luggage Enforcement

Just a brief note to all our clients and business partners, that there will be stringent enforcement of hand luggage restrictions throughout South Africa’s airports commencing this month.  The rules are as follows:

Economy Class:  1 bag + 1 slimline laptop case
Business/1st Class: 2 bags + 1 slimline laptop case

Handbags are considered part of a woman’s wardrobe and are therefore excluded from luggage allowances and restrictions

A slimline laptop case is defined as being of a size and thickness specifically designed for carrying a laptop and charger.  Bags that can carry extra items such as documents and clothes are not considered and will be required to be checked in.

Baggage weight and size restrictions are a maximum of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for a total of 115cm.  And the maximum weight may not exceed 7kgs.

If bags do not comply, the passenger and the bags will be referred back to checkin, where there will likely be additional charges and extra time will be required to queue and process the situation.

Please be prepared and do not overpack!

 colour stripe  Watch your weight, Folks!