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Innovative Destination Management

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

The Spirit of Africa has a responsible tourism charter that reflects its commitment to the environment and our community. We choose to prioritise interactions with projects (social and environmental) that operate on a sustainable basis, ensuring that the benefit of the tourism dollar goes directly back into the communities in which the organisations serve.

Spirit of Africa Humanitarian Initiative

The Spirit of Africa Humanitarian Initiative is a non-profit arm of the company created to sustainably and effectively channel aid to deserving, under-resourced projects, that are contributing to the upliftment and development of our marginalised people.  For each person traveling with The Spirit of Africa, an amount is donated to SoAHI.

People to People

People to People is an international non-profit organisation started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to foster international understanding and break down prejudices through interpersonal interactions.  It endorses Spirit of Africa as its in-country operator as we strive to ensure these goals are reached with each and every group travelling to our country.

Bricks ‘n Mortar

Spirit of Africa hosts 5-day Bricks n Mortar build projects, providing the most marginalised community households with permanent housing. The sense of achievement in the visitor and goodwill that results in giving the gift of a home is an indelible experience that surpasses all others.


Donations are made to organisations with whom each group interacts either by way of donations that guests bring with them (books, clothing etc) or monetary contribtutions.