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Raising Rhino Awareness

Raising Rhino Awareness

Today I start an ongoing post highlighting the plight of our Rhinos.  I won’t begin with the statistics – that will come another time.  But we all know the scourge of poaching that is widespread in our region, drastically threatening the very survival of this ancient species.

Rhinos can’t speak for themselves, so here is my contribution to a voice for them.  Small, but so is a mosquito… and have you ever tried to sleep with one of those buzzing around your head?

I was inspired recently by David Rozenweig, a 16 year old from the United States.  When last was one awed by the younger generation?  And so I want to spread word on his initiative.  Passionate about photography, fortunate enough to have enjoyed a few safaris already in his lifetime, he is also moved by the plight of the Rhinos.  So he is now combining his passions and is auctioning off a number of his prints to raise funds in support of Rhinos Without Borders, a charity he has identified as a worthy cause (and which we can corroborate – they are indeed an erstwhile entity)

If you are interested in knowing more, in helping in a small way (remember those mosquitoes), and in supporting a dynamic young man pursue his passions, here are your action points:

colour stripe  Rage for the Rhino!