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Helping Holidays


Travel is the only thing you can purchase that makes you richer! And the most rewarding, uplifting and honest-to-goodness feel-good factor you can purchase is to combine holidaying with giving. No participant comes away unaffected. Everyone, without fail, leaves with an indelible sense of community and a full warm heart.

Each of the programmes offered are combined with general tourism activities according to your wishes and desired outcomes for your “holiday”, or “voluntour” as some call it! So, on a 10 day escape, spending 5 days building a house for someone makes the other 5 days of safari and sight seeing so much more valuable. Rest assured that the time spent on a voluntourism project will not negate your opportunity to explore the beauty of South Africa whilst you are here.

Bricks ‘n Mortar

Bricks ‘n Mortar experiences are five day programmes where a complete home is built, from digging foundations to handing over the keys to the front door, for a family who, till that moment, was living in abject poverty. Your time is spent working with a team made up of volunteers and members of the local community, all pulling together on a common goal. It is a highly rewarding and bonding experience, a true life-changing event for all.


Participate on a safari like no other with Animal Action programmes. Join a veterinary team on their daily tasks of animal conservation and get “behind the scenes” in the bush. On any particular day you could find yourself tracking a darted elephant before it “goes down”, collaring cheetah, tagging rhino, inoculating buffalo and so much more. Itineraries range from highly exclusive five-star-plus experiences to hands-on volunteer immersion programmes.


In a country where a significant portion of the population lives below the bread-line in city slums, there is an ever growing need for subsistence provision and our Sustainable Gardening initiatives do just that and more. These projects provide the urbanised poor with the skills and facilities to cultivate their own gardens, thus stimulating job creation and providing communities with a healthy and sustainable food source along with a much needed sense of pride. Being involved with a gardening project networks the visitor into local communities in a safe, healthy, heartwarming and productive environment.

Humanitarian Programmes

Humanitarian programmes are facilitated for those who wish to spend time in medical care or after-school programmes. With a plethora of non profit organisations tirelessly working to make a material and significant difference to the lives of those less fortunate, there is simply not enough manpower or funding to sustain the vast pool of need. Volunteers on these programmes spend their time caring for those who need attention in medical facilities, such as reading and playing with children in order to maintain a sense of normality and fun, or being interactive with healthier kids as they need guidance in after school programmes which assist with learning diligence and healthy activities such as sport and creative arts.

Ride with Purpose

In the spirit of enabling deeper,more meaningful connections between locals and foreigners and in continuing our efforts to ensure that the tourism dollar spreads further than the tourism industry itself, we have launched a series of RIDE WITH PURPOSE programs aimed at those who enjoy cycling and exploring their destination on two wheels.  Every 2nd Sunday in March, Cape Town is home to the largest one day cycle race in the world and 35,000 participants descend on the mother city for this uber-festive event.  Unfortunately, though, tickets sell out within half an hour! But we can assist.  Through our partnership with both LEAP Science and Maths Schools as well as the Amy Biehl Foundation, we are able to guarantee entry to this magnificent event – cycling the closed roads around the renowned Cape Peninsula with the Indian and Atlantic Oceans lapping the route’s sidelines.  Explore one of the World’s most beautiful and likeable cities, enjoy active adventure, and know that a contribution from your wonderful holiday experiences is going towards improving lives of those less fortunate than yourselves.  Get connected with South Africans in a way not normally accessible through general tourism by visiting with the charities you are supporting and top it all off with the luxury of Safari or the splendour of the Cape’s renowned Garden Route.


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“The next many months – maybe years – will they “go tell it on the mountain and everywhere” how fantastic South Africa is, how much will & courage there is and how many good white, coloured & black people are doing a big voluntary contribution to the poor people, children, young and adults. Thank you for preparing a fantastic trip for us: excellent staff – they fit perfectly into our group: always having a ready answer and a lot of laughter.”

Anna Marie Bohsen, Denmark