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Health, Wealth & Water

Health, Wealth & Water

As the year draws to a close, we are announcing three exciting new benefits to our clients.  Well two new ones, and a reminder about our third…

First up:  HEALTH.  We are now offering our clients and their guests health peace of mind through a new partnership which gives guests access to qualified doctors 24/7.  This peace of mind service will augment travel insurance policies and provide access to medical personnel for any ailment at any time of day, whether it be a suspected heart attack or a child’s fever!  Often when travelling the need for a doctor arises, but it is a confusing and costly affair in terms of who to call-out, which hospital to go to and whose advice to seek.  Hello Doctor takes the confusion out of the situation and provides front-line assistance to guests whilst on holiday.
US$4/adult/visit – children are free of charge

Secondly: WEALTH.  We have secured a deal with one of South Africa’s leading forex providers to offer travelers pre-arranged local currency solutions for guests on arrival.  Conveniently, this takes the form of a visa-affiliated debit card, which is pre-loaded with local currency, for collection at the airport forex counter, where staff will be alerted to arrival, ready and waiting for fast-tracked service.  Aside from the benefit of swift access to local currency on arrival, the exchange is facilitated on a debit card, which can be swiped at any outlet that processes Visa cards – which is just about everywhere in South Africa.  Cash can also be drawn from our very prevalent network of ATMs throughout the country and additional funds can be loaded onto the cards through any affiliated foreign exchange branch of Bidvest Bank.
No additional service fee

Thirdly: WATER.  At “Spirit” we really care about our country’s people, her environment and delivering the best possible experience to our guests in a way that authentically connects them to both of these important heritages.  But our industry is plagued by an addiction to bottled water which is soooo bad for the environment!  South African water is 100% safe to drink from the tap and consumption of local water will not give any guest “Deli-Beli”!  So, earlier this year we took the decision to no longer include water bottles but rather to replace them with Aquasacs instead.  These beautifully designed, kidney shaped, insulated water pouches are refillable and made from traditional local fabric.  With a strap that goes over the shoulder and a pocket on the side for money and phones, they are also an  ideal ‘hands-free’ water carrier … much more convenient than having to hold a bottle all the time!!  And because they look so good, are a traditional local item, and pack-flat, they are great memento’s of a South African visit for guests to take home.  Plus, good news for clients is that they can even be branded!!
They cost less than bottled water over a 1-week stay

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about any of these new and wonderful offerings from us to you!

 colour stripe  Enjoying the Journey.


Here’s some extra info on the aquasacs….