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Grootbos included in NatGeo’s Unique Lodges of the World

Grootbos included in NatGeo’s Unique Lodges of the World

We are so proud to convey the announcement that our favorite lodge in the Western Cape, and indeed one of our favorites country wide, has been included in National Geographic’s new Unique Lodges of the World Collection.

This collection showcases the best that the world’s best has to offer.  GROOTBOS emanates truly what is described on the Unique Lodges of the World website:

In spectacular places all over the world, we have singled out rare retreats where beautiful accommodations and gourmet cuisine are just a small part of a much greater equation. These are not simply hotels, they are the concepts of dreamers come to fruition: unique lodges that defy the imagination in their design and detail, founded on a deep desire to protect the cultures and precious ecosystems that surround them….National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World is a network of world-class accommodations where sustainability is the touchstone and the guest experience is exceptionally rich and meaningful. We invite you to discover how “staying” can be truly extraordinary.”

And it is in no small part due to the vision of Michael Lutzeyer.  His commitment to ecology, community, quality and customer abound at all times.  It is truly remarkable what he, and his remarkably dedicated team have created for us all to enjoy and we congratulate National Geographic for recognizing this!

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