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Good News on the Health Front!

Good News on the Health Front!

So, we have been having some good health news in Africa of late.  Yes, we still vaccinate our kids in this corner of the world, but it’s not the anti-vaxx debate that affects us here….

First to note is that the Ebola outbreak seems to be contained and the infection rate is showing a downward trend.  This is concurred by the Centre for Disease Control, Medicines Sans Frontiers and the World Health Organisation; and was reported in The Times on 23 January 2015: “The fight against Ebola has reached a “turning point,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as the three West African countries hit hardest by the deadly virus — Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone — see a precipitous drop in the number of new cases.” Let’s hope this continues in the times to come and that the first human trials of a vaccine are successful!

Secondly, The World Health Organisation downgraded Zambia’s status as a Yellow Fever destination to low risk.  Consequently South Africa has revised its requirement for travellers from that country to have a Yellow Fever Certificate to re-enter South Africa.  This is no longer necessary which opens up “free-er” travel choice to those wishing to visit Zambia – especially as flying into Livingstone for a Victoria Falls visit becomes an easier choice. (see this notice from the South African National Health Travel Network)

colour stripe  Stay Healthy, Travel Safely.