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Innovative Destination Management

Alumni Adventures


South and Southern Africa is an adventurous, exciting and enticing place that has, over the years, become a relatively easy place to travel to under one’s own initiative. In recognition of this, our Alumni programmes, whilst encompassing general & popular tourism opportunities in the region, are designed to ensure delegates’ exploration is highly valuable and impactful by including interactions and activities on the itinerary that are not accessible to general tourists.

Be enthralled by spending time in the company of learned leaders and fellow inquiring minds as you tour the region in a manner which gains you access behind-the-scenes. You will have the opportunity to delve into, in the company of respected South African leaders, various stimulating topics of interest, whether it be political, social, cultural, economic or a combination of these and other subjects. Home hosted dinners are an informal means of interacting with ones’ peers and whilst you will most likely visit all the “must do” places, you will also be networking with members of South African society who can provide you with meaningful and insightful perspectives on all that you see and do whilst here.

Each itinerary is developed according to the brief and objectives of our clients. Feel free to contact us if you are:

  • An alumni organisation
  • A travel operator/agent
  • A university or a university alumni
  • A group of mates wishing to travel on an insightful itinerary


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“I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on the quality of your operation and the people you have chosen to work for you. I have traveled the world and have never worked with any group that was more organized. I am still processing all that we have seen and done and recognizing the change that was effected on my life.”

Bill Boudreaux, Texas, USA